Concord Place : Historic Rehabilitation
Old Town, Chicago

This property won the 2014 Chicago Landmark Award for preservation excellence. It is located in the Old Town , one of Chicago’s historic neighborhoods. Properties within a historic district fall into one of two types of property: contributing and non-contributing. A contributing property, such as this one, helps make a historic district historic. They are key to the district's historic association and architecture. While a non contributing property, such as a modern office building, simply does not contribute to the neighborhoods historic significance.

Mindful of these factors Stonebridge Development Group took on the task of renovating, enlarging and enhancing this old workers cottage. Adding a 2 story rear addition with a full basement and new 3rd floor dormers to the existing structure we have successfully converted the original 1400 sq.ft. space into a luxury, single family home.

Working hand in hand with various governmental agency’s, community associations, the Aldermans office and neighbors is never an easy task. Finding some middle ground where all parties are satisfied with the proposed building was our first task. Meetings and presentations over the course of several months helped us hone in on the building that was eventually conceived and built. This property has inspired the project architect and craftsman to create a timeless design and think outside the box in order to maximize the possibilities of the space. Pulling out every bit of potential the property possessed. Our thanks to all parties that were involved, it was an absolute pleasure to restore this old building.